Unique HUMUSON COMPLEX production technology

HUMUSON COMPLEX - a new generation of organic fertilizers. The main raw material of the product is Sapropel, a substance that has formed in freshwater lakes over 10,000 years. It is a unique organic hygienic raw material. Our advanced fertilizer production technology allows us to create a stable quality efficient product that is friendly to both man and nature. No heat treatment is used in the production process, which preserves a particularly high proportion of organic nutrients and positive microorganisms.

How does HUMUSON COMPLEX work?

HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel Bio Humus, when introduced into the soil, restores the natural symbiotic link between the roots and the nutrient soil biota. In addition, HUMUSON COMPLEX increases the assimilation of the plant's mineral fertilizers by at least 20%. This means that the soil is substantially restored and the effect of the fertilizer is long/ lasting - with the help of HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel Bio/ Humus, your soil becomes more productive and over time learns to “function/restore” independently.

Professionals choose HUMUSON COMPLEX because: Soil fertility is restored substantially HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel Biohumus remains active for about 12 times longer due to its ability to restore natural biological processes in the soil. Also, the Biohumus of Sapropel improves the plant’s ability to assimilate nutrients. This increases soil productivity and with HUMUSON COMPLEX one season you can use half as much next year as the natural processes restored in your soil are long lasting. As a result, you can save on your fertilization budget and enjoy quality soil and harvest at the same time. Soil degradation and erosion it’s braking very effectively.

Food products real taste and smell A team of international scientists has studied more than 700 cultivated tomato varieties and identified rare forms of genes that give the fruit aroma and taste properties. Vegetables grown on chemical farms that do not use biological and organic preparations lose these properties. Same quality and taste improvements are observed with all varieties of fruits, vegetables, grain and berries. With HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel Bio-humus, the soil is immediately supplied with more than 40 of the 70 different organic and inorganic elements and compounds of natural origin necessary for the harvest, which are responsible for the complete maturation of the crop. Due to the rich and versatile composition of HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel Bio-humus, the product improves the rooting of the plant and strengthens its root system even in dry areas. Also, the plant's ability to absorb mineral fertilizers and all useful substances increases by 20%. These reasons make it possible to create a nutritious and healthy growth environment, which results in a richer and higher quality harvest.

Increases plant resistance

The use of HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel Biohumus for lawn planting or watering solves many common problems for gardeners. Due to the biohumus composition of HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel, your lawn becomes more resistant to abrasions, mechanical damage and accelerates the mineralization of grass waste. Also, HUMUSON COMPLEX is perfect for your flower or houseplants - they will bloom longer, firmer and look more vibrant!

Recognized in traditional and certified organic farming.

HUMUSON COMPLEX sapropel biohumus products are registered with the globally recognized ECOCERT organization and have been actively used on traditional farms in many countries around the World for several years, in Europe, Asia, Americas, Australia and Africa.

The possibilities of using HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel Biohumus are very wide:

In the greenhouse Fertilizing the land before planting or periodically restoring soil fertility.

In the garden For any field plants or roots (potatoes, beets, carrots, garlic, etc.)

For fruit trees Use for germination, planting and transplanting into a stable growth medium.

For Lawns When installing the lawn before sowing, fertilizing the soil before laying the rolled lawn or fertilizing the already installed lawn.

For ornamental plants For annuals and perennials

For flower beds For houseplants In forestry For grazing and fodder production …and many more!

Save lakes by using and buying HUMUSON COMPLEX Sapropel Bio Humus!

Over millennia, the formation of Sapropel during biodegradation processes has consumed all the oxygen in the water. In such a medium, there is little chance of vegetation formation or fish breeding. As we extract the Sapropel from the bottom of the lake and drain it into the outdoor drainage pools, the water is returned to the lake. In a natural way, it saturates itself with free oxygen and gradually returns life to the entire body of water, where vegetation and fish can develop again and again.

Sincerely ! EcoWR Team