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Finance application fo​rm

Our simple working capital application gathers information about you, your company and your business performance in a couple simple pages. 

Please make sure you have the required documents and information ready. It usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete the application. There are no fees and no obligations when applying. In addition, applying for business finance with EcoWR will have no impact on your individual credit score. Complete your application below to ensure it is processed super-fast!

EcoWR & BIG Group Financing Providers T&C. Annual Percentage Rate (APR). 
If Your Credit Rating: 
Excellent - APR is 3-3,5%; 
Very Good - APR is 5-5,5%; 
Good - APR is 7-8%; 
Poor - APR is 10%

Financing Term: from 1 month to 60 months;

Financing amount: from $50k to $10M; Investments from $1M to $1B (need to be discussed by phone before applying); 
Processing cost: $0.00;
Processing Term: 3-15 business days (depends on customers supporting documents quality);
Trading Financing Term: 1-3 days;